Quite often, the signs of the disease appear as a result of malnutrition, when carbohydrates are practically absent in the child's diet and fatty amino acids and ketogenic acids predominate. Metabolic processes in the child's body are accelerated, and the digestive system is not sufficiently adapted, which leads to a decrease in ketolysis, when the process of processing ketone bodies slows down significantly.

In the abdomen, there are pains of a cramping type, nausea, stool retention. 

At the beginning of alendronate pills, the child becomes restless and overexcited. In the future, lethargy, drowsiness and weakness occur. In some cases, a convulsive syndrome occurs.

Diagnosis of acetone crisis in children. Parents can independently conduct express diagnostics to detect acetone in the composition of urine. Pharmacies sell special diagnostic tests, which are strips that fall into the urine. The level of acetone in the urine is determined by a special scale. Back in 1994, doctors determined the criteria by which an acetone crisis is diagnosed. The main and additional indicators are distinguished. Mandatory criteria for diagnosis are: The urge to vomit is episodic, while the intensity of fosamax is different. Between attacks, the child's condition temporarily normalizes. Attacks of vomiting last from several hours to five days.

Alendronate (Fosamax pills) Sodium 70mg Tablets

  • An increase in body temperature is not higher than 38.5 degrees.

  • Violation of appetite up to its complete loss.

  • Tachycardia, arrhythmia, deterioration of heart sounds.

  • The urge to vomit more than four times, often after trying to eat or drink something. Vomiting is typical for the first days of the development of acetonemic syndrome.

  • Intoxication and dehydration, pallor of the skin, the appearance of an unhealthy blush.

  • The appearance of alendronate breath, reminiscent of acetone. The baby's skin and urine begin to smell the same.

  • The main symptoms of fosamax crisis in children are:

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  • The results of laboratory, endoscopic, radiographic and other tests in acetonemic crisis in children are negative. Thus, the manifestation of a violation in the work of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract is confirmed.udochno-intestinal tract.

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